Social Commentary: How “colorblind” are we, really?

File this under “things that need saying.” And shouldn’t, dammit, because this is the twenty-first century and the United States and we’re supposed to have gotten smarter than this. But I was talking a couple of months ago with a neighbor whose nephew had just gotten suspended from school because there was some kind of a to do in the school bus, and folks looked at the one kid with dark skin who happened to be there around and decided he was the one, out of all of them, who should get suspended. “Colorblind” is great except when it stops us from seeing crap like this still happening under our noses.

And so, crossposted by permission of Neo_Prodigy:

Well There Goes The Neighborhood (from the LJ of Neo_Prodigy)

The other night I was home sitting next to the fireplace, sipping on a most exquisite glass of Chardonnay, listening to Bach as I prepared to curl up to a lovely evening with Dickens.

[Point of fact: Actually I don’t drink, I was sipping on a bottle of Coke, editing my novel Empyrea on the Macbook and rocking out to Sloan but for the sake of atmosphere and setting for this post, we’re going to roll with the former. Also as you read this imagine hearing me read this to you in a really posh upperclass British accent. You’ll understand why.]

As I prepare for such a magical evening, I was interrupted by a most disturbing commotion outside.

Outside my neighbor’s girlfriend was outside, screaming, banging and kicking at the door.


After no response the girlfriend eventually hopped in her car and took off like a bat out of hell. I swear I was clutching my pearls the entire time. My nerves are still frazzled. Clearly I’m going to have to move as this neighborhood has gone to hell since they’ve allowed those caucasians to move in.

It was fine when it was just one family. I figured my property value wouldn’t take that much of a hit, but steadily more white peepul have moved into this neighborhood and because of that, we’ve seen an increase in crime, drug use, and violence.

They aren’t like us respectable Negroes or civilized people of color. These white peepul clearly act like a bunch of savages and they are ruining this country. This nation was founded on good Native American principles and these illegal immigrants just came in and took over everything.

I had to work hard to get where I am and these white peepul get government bailouts and are always complaining how the black man or Obama is keeping them down.

They’re all so scary. [clutches pearls]

I wish we could just round them all up and send them back to Europe.

………………You know with a few exceptions.


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