Generation X and Abstract Rejection Letters

Generation X Doesn’t Want to Hear It

Yeah, this about covers it.

In other news, I recently received the strangest rejection letter of my life. I’m no stranger to rejection letters–they’re part of the writing game–and they come in flavors from thoughtful and encouraging feedback to “sorry for the form letter, but your work does not fit our needs at this time.”

Except for this one. This one attempts thoughtful feedback, but it appears to be about somebody else’s work. I showed it to four or five other professional writers and a professional linguist because I was worried I had somehow dropped the ball in a major way on this story and was too close to the project to be aware of it. None of them can make heads or tails of the letter, either.

Oh well. At this point, not my problem. It still falls in the category “It doesn’t matter if I get nine rejection letters, as long as the tenth publisher wants to take it.”


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