I Am Now a Carina Press Author!

I signed the contract, so I can officially announce it–I’m on board with Carina Press, which will be publishing my superhero romance novella in late summer or early autumn of this year! Carina is Harlequin’s digital-first imprint. It follows the same model that has been very successful for a number of small presses, and publishing digital-first gives them some flexibility that they would not otherwise have. It allows them to do things like like publishing novellas under separate cover, and it makes taking a risk on a writer who hasn’t yet published under this name and in this genre a little easier. *g*

Right now, I’m in the revisions stage of things. I’m lucky enough to be working with Mallory Braus (@MalloryCates on Twitter), who’s already done some wonderful developmental editing on my manuscript. I confess, I’m kind of tickled to be on this end of the developmental editing for a change. There are always things you just can’t see about your own manuscript, not even if you help point them out in other people’s manuscripts for a living. Not that I don’t have wonderful beta readers, because I do, and they helped me to make the story stronger before I ever submitted it to the slush pile. But it’s interesting to see what someone who has been trained to do this in this genre picks up on that they haven’t.

And for the record, yes, this is the one some of y’all did an open beta on, and the one I received the very unusual rejection letter for. Only a week before I got the acceptance from Carina, actually. *g*


2 thoughts on “I Am Now a Carina Press Author!

  1. That’s absolutely brilliant! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the published version available for sale 🙂

    – Wendy

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