Science Fiction Romance Links

Just discovered these by way of The Yelendrian Empire, and since I’m always delighted to find new forums in which to talk about speculative fiction and science fiction romances and the fact that yes, they can be done well, and yes really, women read science fiction, I thought I’d share them with you all:

The Galaxy Express is a blog and centralized resource center for science fiction romances. I was particularly amused by their list of science fiction romance authors, which mentions authors who have written science fiction romances by decade . . . whether that’s how they would have described what they were writing or not. *g* It’s nice to see that big names have been writing love stories in space since long before anyone thought women read science fiction.

The SFR Brigade aims to advance the interests of science fiction romance, network with like-minded readers and writers, and have fun doing it. And just as soon as I find five free minutes and two brain cells to rub together, I’m actually going to sign up for it. *g*

The good news is, I just finished the first round of revisions on the superhero romance novella that Carina Press will be bringing out. I love my editor. It takes a damn good editor to make you add 12,000 words to a novella that was only 25,000 words long to start with and get you to like it. Now I can go back to being buried under editing, instead. And maybe even get some writing done sometime this month . . .


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